17/100 Days of I Believe

I believe in putting the devices down.

Did you know that the pleasure center in your brain lights up every time the phone buzzes or dings? When I find myself scrolling mindlessly through the phone wondering what I'm looking for, I have to remind myself that what I'm looking for that little light up in my brain.

And I can get that light up by taking a walk or just going outside, by painting, through meditation, listening to music, and so much more.

One day last week, I left my phone at home by accident. After the initial moment of panic, it was a relief. Even putting the phone in the glove box while I drive is a relief. Going to the places where there is no Wi-Fi, no cell service – it is at first startling and then it's a relief to be disconnected from the buzzing and the dinging and the impulse to look at the same things one more time. (Incidentally, my phone is on silent most of the time and I still have to battle against this tide!) I need to be unplugged sometimes (dare I say we all do?) in order to remember that I don't need the proverbial buzzing and dinging, that I like to look around at the world outside of me, that I prefer reading or stitching or knitting over screen-looking, that it would be good for me to sit still and stare off into space sometimes.