16/100 Days of I Believe

I believe that there are seasons in creativity, as there are in gardening or farming.

There's the harvest, a time of creative bounty when the work is flowing, when the paintings are emerging, when it feels like hard work and magic are alive in the studio. I'm tempted to say that these harvest times are my favorite times, and in some ways they are, but I appreciate them especially because they're part of a cycle, a changing of the seasons.

There's also the time when the fields lie fallow, which is essential to the success of the next crop. The fields have to rest in order to regenerate, to refill with inspiration, to prepare for the next planting. I love these times too, knowing that I'm stocking up for spring.

I've thought about my creativity in terms of these two seasons for a long time and I take great comfort in the metaphor – but I didn't expand on the metaphor, didn't think beyond fertile and fallow.

Of course, it turns out there's so much more. There's planning for planting, there's tilling the soil and sowing the seeds, tending the crops and pulling the weeds. There's more than that too I'm sure, and it helps to remember that each bit of this creative life is a season with it own purpose under heaven.