15/100 Days of I Believe

I believe in the power of a good project, and this one must be a good one because it is stretching me and pushing me in a whole host of different ways.

I knew it was going to be challenging, posting words and paintings every day for 100 days, and I knew I wanted to do it anyway. I knew I wanted to tell a story about how I see the world – I know I do. I knew there would be ups and downs, I knew – and I know – that it will get both easier and harder as the days go on.

Putting paint on paper every day isn't hard, really, except for the logistics involved in living a life, but putting that paint on paper out into the world every day for everyone to see whether you like it or not, that's pushing me.

Hello, vulnerabilities.

Hello#100daysofprocess. (It's all about the process – that's something I believe for another day.)

Putting words out into the universe every day? Harder in some ways, easier in others. It's been years since I blogged regularly (using more than 30 words) and those muscles that manage the thinking and the writing and the one that lets me actually publish the thinking and the writing are like, "Whoa, lady, whatcha doing?"

And. Really thinking about what I believe every day? Holy cow. What DO I believe? What do I believe AND practice? What do I believe and NOT practice? Why do I believe it anyway? Push push stretch push stretch.

I believe I'll be better for it at the end of 100 days, that's for sure.