13/100 Days of I Believe

I believe that we are all connected to each other in big ways and small ways all over this world. (By the way that was part of the point of Habit, which I miss every single day.)

If i’m over here feeling like I’m the only one who’s ever faced that sorrow or this joy, then it’s pretty likely that you might be over there feeling the same. And if you’re not, then you’re probably primed and ready to reach out and remind me that you or your brother or your best friend’s sister-in-law has been there too.

Too much to do, not enough time, too little focus, too much pressure, worry, trouble. Amazing news, anticipation, unbridled excitement, the little things, the joys of life. We are all here or there, or we have been, in some way and if not today then yesterday or tomorrow or next week or last year. We are one.