11/100 Days of I Believe

I believe that this is a moment in time. I believe that my mood will lift when the sun comes out or the laundry pile has been folded or the last traces of sugar have left my body or I've made the time to sit and read a book or it's tomorrow or Sunday or next week.

I'd like to remember, when my mood does lift when the sun comes out and the laundry is put away and I'm feeling bright and joyful and I'm surfing along on the waves of life, I'd like to remember then, as I do now, that *that* moment will also be but a moment in time. I'd like to remember that everyday.

I believe that this life is made up of a zillion bright joyful grey moody sad scary funny relaxing stressful simple complex happy moments. I'd like to grab each one of those moments and kiss them on the face and paste them up on the wall next to the others like a badge of honor that is this life.