95/100 Days of Seeds of Light

day 95 small.jpg

Day 95/100 #100daysofseedsoflight ✨
{Friday’s post}

I haven’t talked about the paintings in awhile. And a friend asked to see the whole set recently, so this morning we sorted through them together. It’s got me thinking. ✨
I am easily seduced by the pretty pleasing colors and the uniformity of the recent pieces, and the way they flow together (if you scroll down in my feed you’ll see that the series formed a rainbow for awhile there). I love that. I find it pleasing, also the set that were the colors of the ocean landscapes - I love those too. And I still find myself drawn to some of the earlier seed paintings, to the odd ones especially, to the paintings that don’t make the same kind of sense, to the strange bits and the surprises. ✨
There’s a tension there - on one hand, I like what’s pretty and pleasing, and on the other hand I like what’s a little odd. I struggle with this tension in my work regularly, so I shouldn’t be surprised to find it here. ✨
What does it mean? I always want to know what it means. And where is it going? I always want to know where it’s going. In this case I don’t, and I can’t. ✨
Ninety five days down, five to go.