7/100 Days of Seeds of Light

day 7.JPG

A word about the paintings at just about one week in. ✨

This idea for this project grew out of the seed paintings, which have been bubbling around in my work for awhile now. I’ve been wanting to dive into the idea and explore the shapes and colors more fully, and this project seemed like the perfect time to do that, alongside my daily writing. ✨
I’m delighted by the project and by the parameters I set for myself, but I have to say that the paintings are not quite going as I imagined. And I’m letting that be ok. ✨

First of all, I know from experience that it takes time in a project like this to find a groove, and seven days does not a groove make. Also, I have been traveling since Day 2, making paintings in airports and hotel rooms under conditions that are less than ideal for groove-making. Not to mention the fact that I love to paint big and these paintings are small. And I’m painting with travel watercolors, which are not my primary medium. Is that enough evidence to give myself permission to be groove-less?

That said, I am making small seed paintings each day as I promised myself I would, and I am posting them each day regardless. This feels huge to me, and brave. ✨

So I keep painting. I’m beginning to feel myself figuring out what feels good (landscape vs. portrait orientation, large “seeds” vs. smaller ones, color palette) and to feel myself loosening up and embracing possibility. It’s the beginning. ✨

Which is all a reminder - to me and to all of us - that even when it’s not what we imagine or expect, go on; notice what is instead of what isn’t; embrace the mess; be brave; be bold; and above all be yourself. ✨