5/100 Days of Seeds of Light

day 5.JPEG

But wait, there’s more. (A continuation of yesterday’s thoughts on goodness.)

I want to be clear - I’m not suggesting that everything in life is rosy. We all have personal frustrations, disappointments, hardship and sometimes tragedy. One need only look at the front page of the news to see that there is true suffering near and far. There is real darkness in the world and I’m not suggesting we ignore that, not at all - not the personal or the communal or the global. I am saying - in the face of darkness look for the light.

I am saying notice where you’re focusing your energy and your attention, and if you find yourself stuck in darkness then look harder for the points of light. Sometimes those points are the tiniest of pinpricks - the feel of the breeze on your skin or the air flowing in and out through your nose, the the shape of a cloud in the sky or the feel of the ground beneath your feet. Notice those things then. ✨
More on this tomorrow. And, as always, if you’re inclined to leave some goodness in the comments I’d love to read it and I know others would too. Consider it planting seeds.