4/100 Days of Seeds of Light

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I want to talk about goodness.  I want to talk about goodness all of the time and I almost called this project 100 days of seeds of goodness, before I changed my mind and went with seeds of light. ✨
I’m sure I‘ll talk about goodness over and over during these 100 days and today will be the first of many posts on the subject, because goodness is at the heart of this. ✨

Let’s start with what I mean when I say goodness - I mean every single good thing that you see, do, and experience in the world, and a lot of things that you see, do, and experience in the world that you don’t necessarily think of as good.  I mean the buds on the trees and the snow falling on the first day of spring, I mean the shining sun and I mean the relentless rain that makes the flowers grow, I mean the kindness of strangers and your kindness toward a stranger, I mean the way laundry feels and smells when you fold it right out of the dryer.  I mean all of those things and millions more. ✨

Goodness isn’t only the compliment from the coworker and the $20 you find in your pocket, goodness is the way you look at every (big and small) thing around you.  Goodness is the fender bender (frustrating, expensive, a hassle) which doesn’t look anything like goodness until you remember that nobody was hurt.  Or the delayed flight (annoying, inconvenient) which doesn’t look like goodness until you remind yourself that you arrived safely to your destination.  These things are goodness too, if you look carefully. ✨

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