3/100 Days of Seeds of Light

day 3 small.jpg

And the paintings. These forms began appearing in this way during #100daysofinvitingwonder, my 100 Day Project last year.  I’ve been playing with them ever since - the repetitive rounds, sometimes connected and sometimes standing alone - as though there’s a code of some sort and I haven’t yet cracked it.  Is it about the placement of the rounds?  The spacing?  The way the rounds are painted or not painted or loosely painted?  Is it about the color?  The answer is I don’t know - yet - but I do know that I’ve only just begun exploring. ✨

One lesson learned from the last two rounds of this project - I picked a paper size and I’m sticking to it.  There will be 100 6x8 (or 8x6) inch paintings at the end of these 100 days.

I’ve been imagining these little paintings as loose, watery and wild.  It’s day three and so far they’re tight and tame, but I’ve been painting them in airports and on trains and with four hour sleep, so i’m reminding myself that this is just the beginning.  I’m looking forward to watching them evolve.