28/100 Days of Seeds of Light

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Day 28/100 #100daysofseedsoflight

Words have power.  I’m relentless about this - you can ask Lucy and she will tell you that when she says things like “I hate my hair,” (Things all teenagers say.  She has the best hair, by the way.) I will make her say three things she loves about herself.

We all have moments when we hate our hair/handwriting/whatever and when we say those things out loud, we give them power.  When we say the good things out loud (I love my eyelashes/fingernails/whatever) we give power to the good things. ✨
Wouldn’t we rather give power to the positive?  Wouldn’t we rather focus on the things we love about ourselves instead of bemoaning the things we don’t love?  Wouldn’t we rather celebrate? ✨
Sometimes, when the negative thoughts are coming more easily than the positive thoughts, I ask myself what would I tell Lucy?  What would I say to her about her hair/handwriting/eyelashes/fingernails? And what would I want her to say to herself? I know I want my daughter to focus on the positive (and there is so much to choose from), and I remind myself to do the same.