27/100 Days of Seeds of Light

day 27.JPEG

Day 27/100 #100daysofseedsoflight

A few recent thoughts about the paintings. ✨
I’m liking them much more lately. I think it’s part attitude and part process and part materials. I’m liking them much more, AND I’m still looking for a groove-y feeling, a place where I feel like they all hang together, a place where I have a sense of where I’m going when I pick up the brush, and a place where I can still let myself be surprised.

Some of the seed paintings have been made in the studio lately, vertical, on the easel, with the fluid acrylics, and they’re all deep and saturated and drippy. Some have been made at home (like this one) flat, on the dining room table, with acrylic inks, also deep and saturated though not drippy. Some have been more messy, spontaneous, unrestrained - I call them a certain word followed by “up” and I mean it in the most loving way. And some have been more simple color studies in pleasing palettes. I love elements of all of all of them, and I continue to feel like I’m still figuring out where I’m going with this. I keep painting.

Also, The last few days I’ve been thinking about sticking to a repetitive set of seeds (size, shape, order of things) - maybe I need some additional structure as I wiggle my way through the figuring it out. And at the same time, I like playing with the shapes. I know I do well with parameters, maybe I need more of them here? Maybe I don’t? Something else I’m considering. I keep painting.

Does anyone but me have an opinion on the subject? Do some of the paintings resonate with you more than others? What do you like or not like? Which day is your favorite? I’m curious to know how they are resonating in the world. ✨