25/100 Days of Seeds of Light

day 25.JPG

Day 25/100 #100daysofseedsoflight ✨

A bunch of things went not according to plans and expectations today. I started to list them here, by way of saying that not everything goes right all of the time, and that these are opportunities to reframe - thank goodness for the reframe.

And then I stopped myself. Because why put the energy into typing the details of what went wrong? And why put the frustrated energy out into the world? Why invite you to read it and share the frustration with me from afar? Even though I’m reframing. Even though I’m saying it’s ok that things didn’t go according to plan. Even though we all have frustrations and that is part of life, it is life. Things happen. (Still resisting the urge to type the annoying things that happened today, by the way.)

But I don’t want to dwell in annoyance. And I don’t want to spread annoyance. And I don’t want to invite you into annoyance. ✨
So much more is good and right in my world than any of the minor frustrations I experienced today all added together and multiplied by 100. And I am grateful for knowing it. ✨