2/100 Days of Seeds of Light

day 2 small.jpg

Day 2/100

Why #100daysofseedsoflight?

So. Many. Reasons. There are the seed reasons, and there are the light reasons, and I hope I’m going to touch on all of the reasons during these 100 days, but of course I want to tell you all of the reasons right this very minute because my brain is full to bursting.

Let’s start with the seeds. Tiny and mighty, seeds are vessels - which contain entire life forms!!! It boggles my mind that an entire flower, vegetable, fruit, plant, tree is born out of a single tiny seed. ✨

Tiny seeds are powerful. Tiny acts are powerful too. Tiny ideas and tiny thoughts are powerful. And each one is a seed. Sow them, then. Plant them, give them water and sunshine and time and ta-da!

Let’s sow seeds of goodness, shall we? Seeds of light, seeds of hope, seeds of joy and possibility.

That’s why. Or the beginning of it anyway. More tomorrow.