17/100 Days of Seeds of Light

day 17.JPEG

Part of the reason I chose this particular project is that I believe there is power in our words and in our thoughts - and that when we give our attention to the good things, we are planting seeds so that more good things will grow.  In fact, this is THE reason I chose this project. ✨
It is important to remember that the converse is also true.  When we give our attention to the frustrations, disappointments and annoyances in our lives, we are also planting seeds, so that more of *those* things will grow.  Of *course* there are frustrations and annoyances and disappointments in our lives, and I am not suggesting that we stick our heads in the sand and pretend that everything is rosy all of the time.  I AM suggesting that we all have to be careful not to get stuck in our stories of frustration, annoyance and disappointment. ✨
Here’s the thing.  When you decide that things are going wrong, then things are going wrong.  There is very little room for things to be good when you are stuck in a story about how bad things are.  It’s like a garden that doesn’t get any sunlight - the flowers can’t grow.

Case in point: I have been moaning for days about how my seed paintings are not turning out the way I had hoped.  Oh sure, I was reframing the heck out of my disappointment and frustration, but I was stuck in a story about how it wasn’t working.  And as long as I was stuck in that story, there was very little space for me to notice what WAS working. My ability to see was totally clouded.

This was my first lightbulb yesterday (and yesterday’s post was my second) and once I realized that I was planting weeds AND hanging a giant dark cloud over my garden preventing the flowers from growing, it was as though a front came through and the weather shifted.  Of course! I am doing this FOR THE PROCESS. These paintings are pushing me and stretching me and these are GOOD THINGS, all of them.

It is so easy to get stuck under a dark cloud.  Pay attention to the weather! It is so much nicer in the sunshine.