15/100 Days of Seeds of Light

day 15.JPEG

I’m noticing a few things as I move through these paintings, and I want to share my observations down because I think they’re important beyond this project.

First, the creation of 100 small seed paintings is not as simple or straightforward as I thought it would be. I was (I am!) super excited to dive deep into these shapes and colors, and I think I imagined that these paintings would flow forth. They are not flowing forth. I know I’ve said it again and again - I pictured making loose drippy paintings and I’m not making loose drippy paintings. What is getting in my way? Why am I not making the loose drippy paintings of my imagination? There is a lesson in this. I don’t know what the lesson is yet, but I’m paying attention and trying to figure it out and making more paintings in the meantime. ✨
And second, it turns out that I do not like soft gentle pleasing small seed paintings. Each time I set out to make one I find it boring and uninteresting until I go back in with weird colors and make it messy and strange. Apparently it’s the odd, the unexpected, the messy bits that I find compelling. This is important information to have.

Today is Day 15, which means that there are 75 more days to explore, thank goodness. If you need me, I’ll be over here painting polka dots.