14/100 Days of Seeds of Light

day 14.JPG

I bought some new supplies for making these little seed paintings. So far I’ve been making them at home (or on my travels) and not in the studio, so I’ve been using my at home/travel supplies which consists of a little set of watercolors and some pens. While I love my little watercolor set (actually, I have 2 sets and I should probably break out the second one if I’m going to keep doing this at home) after 2 weeks I was feeling a little bit limited.

Yesterday, when I went to the art supply store to buy a replacement for my black brush pen, three bottles of acrylic ink (on sale!) threw themselves into my basket, and for the last two days I’ve been incorporating those inks into my painting. ✨
From the beginning, I imagined these seed paintings as loose and drippy, however working flat and on the dining room table does not lend itself to loose and drippy.  These inks are helping I think, and since they’re on sale I’m going to add a few more colors and see if I can get the feeling I’m looking for. I’m also going to try making some of the paintings in my studio where I can be loose and drippy and see how that goes. ✨
In the meantime, I’m going to keep on keeping on.  Look for the bright spots. They’re always there.