11/100 Days of Seeds of Light

day 11.JPG

This morning I woke up to birdsong. We slept with the windows open last night and this morning, before I was even conscious of being awake I heard the birds singing. ✨

This is goodness. ✨

And it - or something like it - is happening dozens of times each day while we are busy/distracted/focused on our work/sleepwalking through our lives. ✨
In fact, the birds are singing outside my studio window right now and I was typing about birds singing and didn’t notice until I paused. ✨

When we pause, when we pay attention, when we stop to notice, when we shift our perspective, when we look - goodness is all around us. ✨

Try it and you’ll see. Maybe you’ll notice birds singing, or buds on the trees, or the way the sip of coffee or tea really tastes, or the joy of a ripe avocado, or or or or I could go on and on and on and there are so many things I would never think of because they are your goodness, not mine. ✨

Pay attention. ✨

Let me know what you find?