57/100 Days of Seeds of Light

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Day 57/100 #100daysofseedsoflight

This is a story about reframing.  You might remember a similar story on Day 23 which makes this reframing story all the more significant.  I am telling this reframing story for myself, first and foremost.

Today we had a sewage backup in the basement.  This is our second sewage backup in the last 4 months (see Day 23) and on May 4 the new carpet was installed and we put the ordeal behind us.  Bennett and I spent today vacuuming up sewage from the basement floor. This afternoon Dave and a handyman ripped out the (new) carpet. And we are back to square one.  Or somewhere behind square one, if you figure that whatever we did last time didn’t work and we need to find new solutions. And something other than carpet for the basement floor.  And file an insurance claim. All of which is super annoying (the new carpet was so soft and pretty) aggravating expensive and inconvenient.

And it would be super easy to wallow.  (Did I mention how soft and pretty the new carpet was?)

Here’s the thing.

I was home when it happened and I found it within an hour of the start of the flood.  Our neighbors have a shop vac. Bennett was home to help me with the vacuuming. Dave was able to come home this afternoon to rip out the carpet.  A lovely handyman was able to help so that Dave didn’t have to rip out the carpet all by himself for the second time in four months. The plumber can come first thing tomorrow.  Nothing was ruined aside from the carpet. We have homeowners’ insurance. We are healthy. We have each other. We have perspective. We are so so lucky.

Yes, I was upset when it happened.  Yes, I stomped around for ten minutes.  Yes I felt like crying over the new carpet.  Yes I grumbled and groaned and told my mother all of the details.  Yes, this stinks - literally and figuratively.

And we have done everything we can do tonight.  The plumber is called, the carpet is out, the floor is bleached, a new mop is on the shopping list, takeout has been ordered,  The nothing left to do but choose whether I want to dwell in the frustration or in the blessings - I choose the blessings.