44/100 Days of Seeds of Light

day 44.JPG

Day 44/100 #100daysofseedsoflight ✨
It’s been raining here since Saturday. Alternating actually, Periods of rain mixed with periods of thunderstorms. And there is a picture of a cloud with a lightning bolt on every day for as many days as the weather app shows, on two different weather apps. ✨
Aside from the fact that it’s gloomy and gray, we have had a wet spring and a cold spring, and now it is the end of May and I would like to be lying in the hammock I gave Dave for Hanukkah, looking up at the sky as the clouds float by. Also we are supposed to be having family photos taken tomorrow (something we’ve never done before, but it seems like what you’re supposed to do before your oldest child goes to college). And we have a couple of parties this weekend, where it would be so nice to sit on our friends’ patios under umbrellas protecting us from the sun instead of walking around with umbrellas protecting us from the rain. ✨
There’s also this: the trees and the flowers are getting the water they need to grow and bloom; everything looks lush and emerald green; amazing places like London and Seattle live with this kind of weather all the time; and think how happy we will be to see the sun when she does finally show her face. ✨
This is a perfect example of everything I’ve been writing about here for the last forty three days. ✨
It would be easy to focus on the endless days of gray wet weather. But it’s gray and it’s wet and it’s going to be this way for days, and focusing my energy on wishing the weather was different isn’t going to make a lick of difference.

Instead I’m choosing to focus on all of the shades of green out there, and they way those greens shine against the grey sky; and my hope that all of this rain will leave us with glorious gardens to enjoy to enjoy all summer long.