50/100 Days of Seeds of Light

Day 50/100 #100daysofseedsoflight ✨
Halfway. ✨
50 tiny seed paintings made, 50 more to go. 50 notes about light written, 50 more to go. ✨
This is my third time through the 100 Day Project and so I’m not surprised to find myself thinking some cross between - how will I ever think of 50 more things to say and I have so much more to say. ✨
I’m curious at this point. Is any of this project this resonating with you? Have you been reading along or just scrolling through the paintings? Do the words feel meaningful? Relevant? Do you wish I would share more of something? Or less? Would you tell me in the comments? I would be grateful, and it will help me in thinking about the next 50 days. ✨
Thank you. And let’s go. ✨