41/100 Days of Seeds of Light

day 41.JPG
  • Day 41/100 #100daysofseedsoflight

    {about the paintings}

    I had another lightbulb about the paintings. I've already established that I do well with parameters (in all areas of my life), and I *thought* the parameters for this project (seed paintings, 6x8 paper, watercolor or acrylic paint) were plenty - but today I had a lightbulb and now I’m adding more.

    The thing is this - the paintings are lovely and fun, I’m enjoying making them and seeing them together in series. I’m also not getting quite the sense of exploration and fulfillment I was hoping for, and I think my new parameters will help.

    So here goes. Starting with yesterday’s painting (Day 40), I’m going to use the same seed pattern AND the same background color for a week (I’m making this up as I go along, so maybe it will end up being less than a week once I get a few days in, but right now I’m thinking it's a week). And I’m going to treat the seeds and the white space differently each day, and see how it feels to play with the color palettes and the stray marks within the confines of these added parameters. My hope is that this will give me the freedom to explore the series more deeply. ✨
    I do see the irony in increasing the rules to gain more freedom - but that’s how it works for me in a lot of places in my life. When I narrow down the decision points, I’m able to relax and find more enjoyment, more possibility.

    Stay tuned!